Which mifold car seat is right for me?

Child safety is always the #1 priority for parents, which is why choosing a car seat for your child can be one of the more difficult decisions on your parenting to-do list. Car seat features such as comfort, longevity and easy installation are important factors to keep in mind and should be considered when making your purchase.

A portable, lightweight, and travel-friendly car seat is essential for on-the-go families but hard to come by due to the bulky and heavy nature of conventional car seats. mifold has jumped at the opportunity to make a change.

mifold is not your average car seat brand, thanks to its innovative and modern concepts, sleek and clean designs, and a range of three different car seats, all with the same goal: to ensure that every child should have a safe car seat readily available. 

mifold Original

Let’s start from the beginning and talk about mifold Original…

mifold Original is the first car seat introduced by the brand, providing a solution for when a regular car seat is simply not available. 

Weighing only 0.70kg and lighter than a small bottle of water, mifold Original can be taken anywhere, placed into a handbag or backpack, and thanks to the compact size, drivers can keep spares on hand in case of last-minute journeys in the car.

But how does it work? Using the 3-belt guide, mifold redirects the adult seat belt into the correct position for the child by keeping the shoulder strap away from the face, neck and abdomen but correctly positioning it on the collar bone and hip bones instead.

Featuring adjustable side belt guides, mifold Original accommodates children aged 4-12, weighing between 15-36kg and up to 150cm in height. The Quick-Clip feature allows fast, easy, and accurate adjustment for children of all measurements, regardless of shape or size.

Who is mifold suitable for, and when should I use it? 

It is important to note that mifold is not a replacement for your existing high-back booster or car seat, rather an addition to use on occasions where carrying around a high-back booster is inconvenient.

Big kids – mifold is an excellent choice for older children who shy away or are embarrassed by using a regular booster seat. mifold is a discrete and comfortable seat that will regain your child’s confidence to keep them in their car seat up to the age of 12. Older children can also strap themselves in, taking only around 30 seconds.

On the school run - dropping off a friends’ child or picking them up from school? Keep a mifold Original car seat in the glove compartment or car door as a spare to ensure an appropriate car seat, featuring a 3-point harness, is available for every child travelling in your vehicle.

Travel – due to its compact size when folded, both mifold Original and Comfort car seats can be easily tucked away in your suitcase or hand luggage, ready to be used in seconds once you reach your destination. Super lightweight, you won’t feel a thing! mifold Original is suitable for use in the UK and Europe, which is handy for more local trips.

Grandparents – Installing and removing your regular car seats can be a hassle. Save yourself time and energy by keeping a mifold Original or Comfort car seat at a grandparent or relative’s house. Store your mifold anywhere, and remember to keep your mifold Original safe in the Designer Carry Bag; great for preventing accidental damage on the go and to keep it clean. How handy!

Taxi’s – taking short taxi journeys without a car seat is not worth the risk. mifold Original offers an extra level of protection and leaves your child feeling safe and secure in a car seat they recognise. For extra comfort, choose mifold Comfort, the perfect choice for daily use or for longer journeys in the car. The proof is in the name!


hifold car seat is a high-back regulated and certified E8, Group 2/3 Universal car seat, suitable for ages 4 – 12, just like mifold.

Easy to install and remove, hifold is a compact and narrow booster seat that is perfect for daily use and travel alike. Thanks to its advanced MultiFold™ system, it folds down to a compact size that will guarantee to save you space in your vehicle without compromising on safety.

hifold is the most portable and most adjustable high-back booster in the world, and thanks to the 243 settings, it will support your little one through every stage of their childhood growth and development. hifold is the only booster seat that can adjust separately in four areas: the seat width, the body width, the head width, and the height. 

Benefits of hifold

Three-in-a row – its slim design allows three hifolds to fit on the back seat, even in the smallest of cars, which is perfect for large and growing families.

Car rental – choosing to rent a car seat once you reach your destination can be risky, as you may receive a car seat that is old, dirty, or ill-fitting. Choosing to take a hifold with you on your adventures will not only provide peace of mind for parents, but it will also save you a lot of money. Additionally, hifold is a globally regulated product, meaning wherever you buy it, you can use it on your travels around the world! – Apart from Australia & Taiwan*.

Portable – hifold is supplied with a cover bag, which you can wear as a backpack or attach to your suitcase. It is also designed with a carry strap to allow you to carry it on your shoulder once folded.

Easy to clean – easily remove and wash your hifold cover fabrics at 30 degrees and leave your hifold looking brand new, ready for the kids to trash all over again and handy for finally getting out those hard to reach crumbs!

mifold Comfort

Last but certainly not least…mifold Comfort!

mifold Comfort is the newest addition to the family, designed to provide even further comfort for your child and created for longer journeys and daily use. It provides the same great support and safety features as mifold Original but has been designed with an extra padded ‘compact comfort’ seat cushion, anti‑slip FrictionFabric pads for stability and an exciting new design, all wrapped up into one tiny car seat. 

mifold Comfort has become a popular choice for keen-travelling families everywhere. You can rest easy knowing your car seat is compliant or exceeds the following safety standards: ECE R44.04 in the UK and Europe, NHTSA FMVSS 213 in the US, the CCC in China and the RSSR in Canada. Planning on travelling further? mifold Comfort is also a globally regulated product that can be used wherever you decide to go!*

Crafted from super tough plastic polymers like Delrin 100 ST from Dupont, aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminium and supportive DenseFoam, mifold Comfort remains solid and damage-resistant.

What are the differences, and which is suitable for me? 

Each mifold car seat has its benefits and a lot of similarities. Either way, if you’re looking for a safe, easy and portable car seat to support your on-the-go family, you’re in the right place.

mifold Original is a great car seat for occasional use when out and about, specifically for taxi rides, school runs and for keeping an extra car seat for unexpected little passengers; however, if you’re going to be making long, regular journeys, you may wish to consider mifold Comfort, which, due to the extra comfort features, can provide even further support and allows for worldwide travel.

hifold may be more suited to your child, as for some, the high-back feature is understandably crucial, especially for everyday use. Design features like the side and headrests make for great support on road trips and global holidays too.

From experience, we have found that families can utilise both mifold and hifold car seats on different occasions, ensuring they are prepared for every type of journey, long or short.
mifold comparison chart
Don’t just take our word for it! Watch how @vanlifewithkids got on with their mifold car seats in this honest and informative review.

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