NEW BABYZEN winter accessories for 2021

BABYZEN has once again provided parents with problem-solving products that make busy family life that bit easier. We are proud to announce the launch of their exciting new winter accessories for 2021 – YOYO mittens and YOYO skis. Get ready to kit out your pushchairs in preparation for the plummeting temperatures ahead. These accessories are for the parents!

Let’s take a look at the YOYO mittens…

We have all experienced pushing a stroller around in -3-degree weather, as you are desperate to get your little one some fresh air, and your hands begin to turn blue. Although it is particularly important to make sure your baby is bundled up in coats, footmuffs, hats, and gloves, BABYZEN have not forgotten about Mum and Dad. With the YOYO mittens, hands will stay toasty warm during even the longest of walks.

Featuring the same incredibly soft Sherpa-fleece as the YOYO footmuff, the mittens can be kept on the handlebar for easy access and removal thanks to the Velcro straps, allowing parents to meet the demands of their baby or toddler, without the danger of losing the mittens. You can finally open snacks on demand without having to fumble around, pulling each glove off with your teeth!

They are the ultimate winter warmers.

YOYO mittens

Just like all BABYZEN fabrics, the mittens can be conveniently machine-washed at 30°C and feature a water repellent finish, ideal for the unpredictable UK weather and in case of sudden showers, keeping you dry and comfortable.

The mittens have several very clever design features that are worth mentioning. The Velcro fastenings are tucked away underneath the opening for your hands, meaning that the Velcro will not get in the way or cause any discomfort whilst on-the-go. They have also been universally designed to fit onto any stroller. 

Time for YOYO ski’s!

It is not just your mood that is affected by the harsh reality of winter, your daily routine with children can become disrupted too when you look out of your window to see dreaded snow and ice.

YOYO skis are an innovative accessory that will keep you strolling, regardless of what the weather brings. Made from strong, ultra-resistant polyamide material, the YOYO skis are extremely durable and work by attaching to the two front wheels of the YOYO stroller in a single click.

YOYO skis

The skis provide smooth, safe handling for tackling snowy terrain and are a must-have accessory for keen travellers, skiing, and snowboarding enthusiasts and for those living in a snowy climate. You will soon be taking on ice and snow without the worry of wheels getting stuck or losing control of your pushchair – a concerning possibility for parents during winter months.

You will be pleased to hear that the YOYO skis are compatible with all YOYO models and configurations (except YOYO connect) – including YOYO bassinet, 0+ newborn pack and the 6+ stroller - and can fold with the stroller without any added bulk, which makes for an easy and convenient storage solution. A handy tip is to keep them clean after use by washing with water and you will be able to continue using them year after year!

YOYO skis

Although the YOYO skis are not intended for skiing or sledding, they are still a fun and exciting addition to the BABYZEN range and will keep you outside for longer, allowing you to get those 10,000 steps in even in the coldest of temperatures. 

Valuable information to note:

YOYO winter accessories

Thanks to BABYZEN, parents are spoilt for choice with new on-brand accessories to get through the chilly winter ahead.

Looking for accessories to keep your little one toasty warm? Try the BABYZEN YOYO footmuff. Available in nine unique colours to match your YOYO stroller, and perfect for keeping tiny toes protected from the elements.

YOYO footmuff

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