Introducing YOYO connect: the ultimate double stroller solution for twins and siblings

BABYZEN continues to innovate with the launch of the YOYO connect – a revolutionary accessory that hooks onto the back of the YOYO² pushchair, turning it into a double stroller! This is definitely one of the most awaited products of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited about the news!

Following their successful history of making lives simple for parents on-the-go, BABYZEN invented the perfect accessory that in a single click turns the YOYO² pushchair into a double stroller. So whether your children have a small age gap or are twins, the stroller can transform into 5 different possible setups, accompanying them from birth to toddler. Needless to say, the new YOYO connect will make the lives of a new generation of urban parents easier. 

What makes YOYO connect different?

Double pushchairs are often essential for families with more than one child, but the current market for double strollers have many limitations. They are traditionally known to be heavy, difficult to push and use when alone and extremely bulky to store at home and when travelling.

YOYO connect grows with your family without compromising on practicality. It is incredibly slender, unique, and unlike any other on the market. The ‘one behind the other’ design is unconventional in comparison to the side-by-side or classic tandem double strollers that you see on the market, which is why we love it.

As we already know, the YOYO² is made to last for generations, which gives parents the option to purchase the YOYO connect together with the YOYO² if a double stroller is required immediately, or alternatively at a later date, appealing to parents of siblings. This will also reduce the cost for expecting parents as they will no longer need to buy a double stroller when their second child comes along. The YOYO² with YOYO connect adapts to your new life, offering parents the best configuration for their lifestyle, which no other double stroller on the market can currently provide.

The YOYO connect does not have front wheels, so once attached to the YOYO², it is joined to the pushchairs’ brake making the whole unit agile and easy to push, allowing the two components to move as one.

YOYO connect siblings

While not in use, the YOYO connect is designed to fold in seconds and hook on to the back of the YOYO² pushchair – which is so convenient when dropping off your firstborn to nursery. You can then continue on your stroll and unfold the YOYO connect, to use it only when needed.

No other double stroller is as compact as the YOYO² and its new YOYO connect nor as lightweight. You can easily fold both of them and take them with you on board of a plane as 2 cabin luggage items, or place them in the boot of a small car. This makes the YOYO² with YOYO connect the ultimate choice, not only for daily use, but for when travelling abroad and for staycations in the UK, which we will all be doing a lot of this year. 

YOYO connect folded

How do you use YOYO connect?

Taking a double pushchair out and about, especially alone, can be pretty daunting. However, whether you’re strolling down the streets of London, up and down curbs, or visiting your favourite boutique shops, you will feel confident using the YOYO connect. YOYO connect will also help to avoid the inevitable hair pulling or fighting that is associated with side by side pushchairs, that we all know happens more frequently then we like to admit.

  1. If you already own a YOYO stroller, congrats! You’re already halfway there. After purchasing the YOYO connect, conveniently convert your single YOYO into a double stroller by hooking it onto the back of your existing YOYO. Voila!
  2. If you do not already own a YOYO², don’t worry! BABYZEN have kindly created a bundle to purchase which includes the YOYO² frame, the YOYO connect frame, and the desired fabrics depending on your family requirements.
Sibling mode

Who is YOYO connect suitable for?

BABYZEN continue to push the boundaries and create innovative products to help make the lives of parents easier. YOYO connect has been designed to support families with siblings with a small age gap and twins. However, thanks to the versatility of YOYO connect, it can also be used by friends who already own a YOYO².

There are five configuration options to choose from: 2 for twins and 3 for siblings.

Twin options

  •  bassinet and bassinet – configured specifically for newborn twins.
  • 6+ and 6+ - configured specifically for 6 months+ twins.
Twin setups

Sibling options

  • bassinet and 6+ - designed to accommodate a newborn closest to the parent, and a 6 month + child at the front. This is for the parent who chooses to keep their newborn close to them at all times.
  • 6+ and bassinet – designed to accommodate a 6 month + child nearest to the parent, and a newborn at the front. This configuration will provide the best visibility of both children.
  • 6+ and car seat – designed to accommodate a 6 month + child and a newborn. Ideal for parents who wish to use the BeSafe YOYO car seat on the YOYO² frame for added convenience.
Sibling setups

Easily customise your set up, depending on the ages of your children and the dynamic of your family.

We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to try and haul a huge double pushchair into the back of a small car on your own whilst keeping an eye on the two children. With the YOYO connect, gone are the days of hefty double pushchairs that cannot fit through a coffee shop door or that are just hopelessly immobile. YOYO connect is THE solution for space-saving families and those looking for an evolved double stroller to fit their on-the-go lifestyles.  

YOYO connect siblings

Helpful information to note: 

  • On its own, the YOYO connect weighs 6.2kg (13.6lbs) when in the 6+ set up and 8.1kg (17.8lbs) with the bassinet. Together with YOYO², it weighs 12.4kg (27.3lbs) and is lighter than any other competitor’s double stroller solution.
  • YOYO connect is only 44cm wide with easy access to both seats
  • Once folded, YOYO connect measures 52 x 44 x 24 cm on its own

Discover YOYO connect today to find out more product specifications and details. If you have any questions, please leave them below!


Hi! The YOYO connect is compatible with both YOYO² and YOYO+ models and can be purchased separately. After purchasing the YOYO connect, conveniently convert your single YOYO into a double stroller by hooking it onto the back of your existing YOYO.

Whitestep July 10, 2021


I have to babyzen yo-yo pushchairs and I would like to connect them together can I purchase just the kit to connect the two as I already have the 6 months plus pushchair

Would be a great help as I have a specia needs child. Thanks

Bushra Akhtar July 10, 2021

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